Motor Lamination cores

Main Product

  • DC Motor Core
  • EI Lamination
  • Motor Core
  • Winding Brushless Motor
  • DC Motor

Ruifeng has been involved in the R&D and manufacturing of high-quality complex iron core motor laminations and lamination stacks for over 20 years.

it produces electric motor laminations and generator lamination cores for many industries – from small household appliances to locomotives, wind turbines, automotive and the aviation industry.

We are also experts in the field of aluminum rotor die casting. For critical applications such as EV traction drive rotors, we utilize an X-ray system to inspect cores for porosity after the die casting process.

With over 20 years experience, high and stable quality standards could be guaranteed.

Motor laminations are synonymous with many other names. Here are some examples:

Motor LaminationsMotor CoresEI Laminations
Stator LaminationsStator CoresEI Cores
Rotor LaminationsRotor CoresUI Laminations
Armature LaminationsArmature CoresElectrical Laminates
Transformer LaminationsTransformer CoresTransformer Cores


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor CoreSuitable for electric vehicles, and efficient energy-saving motors
Induction Motor CoreSuitable for all kinds of factory automation machines, vending machines, washing machines, electric fans, ceiling fans, deep water pumps, special cranes, and refrigerator
Brushless DC CoreSuitable for all kinds of energy-efficient motors
Servo Motor CoreApplicable to machine tools, high-precision equipment
Series wound motor coreSuitable for power tools, auto parts, vacuu, cleaners, wood working machines
Special motor coreFor large motors, generators
DC Motor coreApplies to treadmills, recerse osmosis filtered water dispenser
Reluctance Motor CoreSuitable for Pulper, Power Machinery
Shadedpole motor coreSuitable for electrical appliances, small fan and so on
Transformer coresSuitable for all kinds of transformers


Firstly, packed in Vacuum Sealed Bags, and then in cardboard carton and finally in palletized wood crates.